KDA Communications Connects Neighborhoods

KDA Communications will work with your officers and volunteers to create consistent, informative and relevant print and electronic newsletters that your residents will look forward to and enjoy. We specialize in creating customized, high-quality neighborhood newsletters to complement North Georgia's premier neighborhoods.

Why choose KDA for your newsletter publishing needs?

  • KDA provides a professional, appealing product. There is no cost to the Association for preparation, production or distribution* of the newsletter.
  • KDA specializes in customized newsletters. We offer several format choices so that your newsletter is exactly right for your community.
  • The KDA newsletter is a powerful communication tool that will attract your homeowners' attention, helping to ensure your homeowners receive the information they need, when they need it.
  • KDA can be your "one-stop" shop for both your community's annual directory and newsletter. Having one company to deal with will help save one of your community's most valuable resources: Resident's volunteered time.


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Bradshaw Farm Newsletter
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Hamilton Mill Newsletter
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Willow Point Newsletter