KDA Creative Services make your business atand out.

Is your target market affluent single-family homeowners?

There is no more efficient or effective way to reach the affluent neighborhoods in your market than through a KDA HOA communication tool. High-end, single-family homes are who use our communication tools and who your advertising dollars will reach. We will get you through the "front door" of your target market and keep you at homeowner's fingertips all year long.

Does your current advertisements have keep value in your target market?

KDA publications are published monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and/or annually for our neighborhoods ensuring that your advertisements provide continuous advertising exposure. Our websites are used 24/7 and allow HOA Boards to communicate vital information to their residents in real time. We provide the vital communication link between HOA's and their residents, so our publications and HOA websites are referred to constantly. Advertise with KDA and you'll actually be welcomed into the homes of your target market, and stay there. What other advertising medium can deliver that?

Are you building and maintaining relationships through your advertising?

Our tagline is "Helping Communities Become Neighborhoods." Our goal is to bring back that familiar feeling of traditional neighborhoods, where you lived, played and shopped for services locally, within your community. Partnering with homeowners associations gives our advertisers "preferred provider" status within each neighborhood. Because we are always connecting with our residents, you'll continue to see return exposure for your advertising investment. Helping to very quickly differentiate your business from the "clutter" of the less effective advertisements.

Is your current marketing multi-channel?

As a small to mid-sized business, it's hard to reach 100% of your target market. Communicating through a single channel alone is often ineffective and response rates can be alarmingly low. Our Neighborhood Communication Tools allow you to easily integrate traditional media like Print, with Internet, Mobile Texting, Email and Social Media, enabling your business to dramatically increase sales, brand awareness, and return on investment.

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Bradshaw Farm Insight Newsletter
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